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Rules of Golf
USGA Rules will govern play at all times.
Local Rules are also in effect unless otherwise noted.

CIF Guideline

Players may not have representation of school affiliation on clothing, equipment, golf bag or self.  Players will be ask to remove all likeness of representation.

USGA Guidline

An amateur golfer must not accept a prize or prize voucher of retail value in excess of $750 (see Rule 3-2a) .  This limit applies to the total prizes or prize vouchers received by an amateur golfer in any one competition or series of competitions. 

Any time an amateur golfer pays an entry fee for a single competition he can win prizes or prize vouchers with a retail value of $750 or less.  A single competition includes the competition itself and all associated contests in the competition (e.g., closest-to-the-hole contest, long-drive contest).  For example, if an amateur golfer won $500 of prizes or prize vouchers for finishing first in the competition itself and $150 for the closest-to-the-hole contest, he could only win a maximum of $100 in the long-drive contest.

A series of competitions represents a number of competitions over time where the player pays a single entry fee.  For example, an amateur golfer plans to play in a series of individual competitions to be played over four consecutive Sundays. The player pays a single entry fee of $300 before the series begins. The $300 represents the only entry fee for all of the competitions. If the golfer were to win $400 of prizes or prize vouchers in the first competition, he could only win a total of $350 of prizes or prize vouchers in the remaining three competitions. 

Age Division Assignments
Division assignments will be created by skill level.  After the first round of each weekly series, Players will be assigned either to the Elite Division or the Evolution Division.

If a division has enough players to create a subdivision, the ages 9-12, and 13 and up will be created.

Caddies will not be permitted  
Players will not be allowed any assistance from on outside source. 

Parents will not be allowed on course to follow their junior. 

Code of Conduct Policy
All JCPG Junior Summer Play Participant are expected to exhibit sportsmanlike conduct as well as show respect for facilities, staff and fellow members at all times.

The use of tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances is strictly prohibited at all JCPG events.

All members of the JCPG Junior Summer Play Participant must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct policy as a condition of participating in JCPG events. Any member who behaves in violation of this policy may be subject to event series disqualification, suspension, or forfeiture of all fees.

Infractions of the Code of Conduct policy by a member’s parent(s) or guardian(s) may also subject the player to the above mentioned consequences. Conduct infractions may also disqualify a member from consideration for end of the week awards.

Dress Code
Appropriate golf attire must be worn at all times during JCPG events

Junior Supervision
Every junior ages 12 and under must identify an adult that is responsible for them at the registration table for every tournament*.

The adult responsible must be present the entire time the junior is on the premises of the golf course. This policy is aimed to provide a safe environment for all juniors and to ensure every junior is properly supervised. Any junior who does not have an adult supervisor will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.  Adult may leave the premises and return at the conclusion of the event but must indicate to staff at check in.

All juniors must be picked up immediately after each day event.

*One adult may be responsible for one or more juniors. (i.e. in a carpool situation, the adult driving can be identified as the supervisor for all the juniors in the carpool).

Tournament Registration and Entry Fees
It’s is the responsibility or parents/juniors to register for JCPG events prior to the deadline.

Tournament Cancellation
If a player wishes to cancel a tournament registration he/she may do by contacting Joey Chang, PGA no less than 48 hours prior to start date, after which a $15 cancellation fee will apply.

Rulings & Decisions
Rulings may only be made by designated representatives of the JCPG Tournament Committee. Any ruling or decision that does not conform to the Rules of Golf or the Conditions of Competition will not be valid.

Contesting the Score of a Fellow Competitor
It is the player’s right to contest the score of a fellow competitor, provided that player feels there may have been an error in either the entry or reporting of scores. If a score is entered incorrectly by the tournament committee, that score will be immediately corrected. If it is believed that a player may have reported an incorrect score, that situation we be reviewed and resolved provided that the competition is still open. Upon the distribution of awards, the competition is deemed to be closed and scores will no longer be contested.

Tiebreak Procedure
Weekly Series Tie Breakers will be decided by the lowest first round scores of the weekly series.  If a tie still exists then, lowest score of the remaining round in order of 3,2,5,4 will be used.  If a tie breaker is still not decided, A one hole closest to the pin putt to be determined by the committee will decide the tie(s).

Playoff Procedure
Playoffs will not be necessary.

Ethics Committee
The Joey Chang, PGA reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the Code of Conduct. Joey Chang, PGA will only review Code of Conduct infractions documented in writing. Joey Chang, PGA will investigate all documented infractions. The facts investigated will be presented to the Committee. All parties involved will have an opportunity to report their version of the events regarding the incident before the Committee.

No Show Policy
Any member who misses a tournament without proper notification to the Joey Chang, PGA tournament office will be considered a no show.

Time of Starting
All members are responsible for arriving on time to the teeing ground, ready to play at the time posted on the pairing sheet. It is the request of the JCPG staff that all participants check in at the registration table 30 minutes prior to their tee time.

Distance Measuring Devices
Rangefinders (distance measuring ONLY) will be permitted in all age divisions for all SDJGA tournaments. The use of rangefinders that measure slope (or any factors other than distance) will result in disqualification from that event.

Practice in Between Holes
Between the play of two holes, a player shall not play any practice strokes on or near the putting green on the last hole played.

Practice Between Competition Rounds
Practice after an after the same day event is allowed up to 8:00pm.  No on course practice is allowed on the same day prior to the event.

Rights as a Player
It is the member’s responsibility to be informed of their rights as a player and their responsibilities as a player. It is to the player’s ultimate advantage to be familiar with the Rules of Golf, Rule 6-The Player, and Rule 3-3- Doubt as to Procedure. Please review these rules in order to affirm your rights as a player.